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City of Cedar Hills

10246 N Canyon Road, Cedar Hills, UT, 84062, US

Commercial Business License Application

Your business is an important and welcome part of our community.

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**Your State and Federal licenses (if applicable) and Business Entity/Registration must be current.

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Would you like your business information published on the city's website (business name, phone number, contact name, and type of business)?

  You will need to contact Jenny at or 801-785-9668, ext. 500 to schedule a safety inspection. You will also need to contact American Fork Fire Department at 801-763-3045 to schedule a yearly fire inspection. This will be done at no charge.

If your establishment intends to sell beer/alcohol products, an additional application and fee are required.

I, the undersigned, clearly understand and am fully aware of the regulations and restrictions for operating a Commercial Business, as stated in the supporting ordinance provided to me. I do hereby agree to abide by these regulations and restrictions in the operation of my business. I understand that my business may be inspected by an authorized representative of the City of Cedar Hills for compliance with these regulations. I also understand that this license may be revoked due to violation of the provisions of the City of Cedar Hills Code.

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First-Time Setup Fee 20
Base License Fee 75
Building & Fire Inspection Fee 60
Additional $10 per Employee 10
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Have questions about Business Licensing? Please call Janeen at 801-785-9668 ext. 504 or email: