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City of Cedar Hills

10246 N Canyon Road, Cedar Hills, UT, 84062, US


Home Business Application-(Low Impact)

Your business is an important and welcome part of our community.

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State Registration (Choose one)

**Your State and Federal licenses (if applicable) and Business Entity/Registration must be current.

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Upload a copy of your Driver License and Home Fire Self-Inspection

Would you like your business information published on the city's website (business name, phone number, contact name, and type of business)?

Is the home occupation conducted entirely within the living area of the dwelling? (No garage, accessory building, or yard space allowed.)

Will an identification sign be displayed for the home occupation? (Contact Building Department for required permit.)

Will chemicals or mechanical equipment be used or stored?

Will commercial vehicles be located on the premises? (If yes, see Section 3, 3-B-1, A5)

Manufacturing of any product?

Is there any exterior storage of materials or supplies?

Do you deal primarily with children or the elderly? (If yes, Background Check is required.)

**Businesses whose primary purpose is providing servies to minors or the elderly will need to submit a current background check from the Utah State Department of Safety. Their phone number is (801) 965-4445. For more information, visit the Utah Department of Public Safety BCI website:

Is the home business conducted in your basement? (Requires approval from Building Official.)

**All preschools, daycares, and assisted living centers will need to contact Jenny at or 801-785-9668, ext. 500 to schedule a safety inspection. You will also need to contact American Fork Fire Department at 801-763-3045 to schedule a yearly fire inspection. This will be done at no charge.

Have questions about Business Licensing? Please call Janeen at 801-785-9668, ext. 504 or email:

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