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City of Cedar Hills

10246 N Canyon Road, Cedar Hills, UT, 84062, US

General Installation Permit

Cedar Hills, Utah

Use this installation permit for signs, fences, utility sheds, portable sheds, decks, patios, pergolas, hot tubs, awnings, and similar structures. Refer to the City Code for zoning regulations concerning these and similar supplementary development projects. Within the City Code select Chapter 10, Title 5, Item 29. 

The General Installation Permit is administered by the Zoning Department, which may be contacted at 801-785-9668, ext. 500, or by email at

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PLEASE NOTE: Structures exceeding the maximum size or height will require engineering plans and a construction permit from the Building Department in place of this general permit.

A site plan showing the location, dimensions, and materials must be included.

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No Fees are required for this permit

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