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City of Cedar Hills

10246 N Canyon Road, Cedar Hills, UT, 84062, US

Parental or Legal Guardian Consent to Participate in the City of Cedar Hills Youth City Council

What Is YCC?

Youth City Council (YCC) is an opportunity for young people to have an active role in addressing issues that affect the youth in Cedar Hills. This is a great opportunity to make new friends, plan and participate in the best events and service projects, and gain experience in leadership and civic duties. 

YCC will take on various projects during the year such as organizing the annual Easter egg hunts, Children's Games at the Family Festival, fundraisers for Santa's Workshop, and sponsoring social events for Cedar Hills youth. YCC is an opportunity for youth to make a difference in the community. 

My Consent

In order for your teen to become a member of the City of Cedar Hills Youth City Council, we need your consent in helping him/her to have a productive experience. Please read and sign this parental consent form in order for us to continue our process of considering your teen to be a member of YCC. 

I understand that my child, named above, wishes to be considered for the Cedar Hills Youth Council and I hereby give my permission for him/her to serve in that capacity, if accepted by the City of Cedar Hills.

I understand that he/she will be provided with orientation and training necessary to assist in the performance of the Youth Council and that he/she will be expected to meet all of the requirements of the position, including attendance and adherence to City of Cedar Hills policies and procedures.

I understand that he/she will not receive monetary compensation for the services contributed.

I understand that my child's membership on the Youth City Council is dependent on maintaining a good behavior standing at school, including positive grades. I understand that behavior infractions in school or legal infractions may result in my child forfeiting his/her seat on the council. 

I understand that my child has pledged to remain drug and alcohol free. If my child is found to be in violation of school policies or legal infractions involving drugs and/or alcohol, my child will forfeit his/her seat on the council.

I understand that involvement in YCC demands consistent attendance. A total of three (3) unexcused absences may constitute consequences.

I understand that my child's time commitment for this council is 1-2 hours per week.

By signing, I also acknowledge that this consent gives my approval and permission for transportation to be provided for my teen for field trips, which may be necessary to the community work, and for other activities associated with YCC responsibilities. 

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